Welcome to Wentworth & Associates, P.C.

For more than 25 years Wentworth and Associates has offered psychological and evaluation services that assist individuals, couples and families in leading happy, productive and emotionally healthy lives. We utilize a holistic and collaborative approach to treatment, emphasizing not only emotional health, but also integrating physical and spiritual aspects of living. Clients can rest assured knowing we take their trust in us very seriously; the privacy of their clinical information is protected by both state and federal laws as well.

Our clients receive unconditional acceptance and respect regardless of background or current situation. We believe that people are inherently good and try to do, and be, the best they can. Therapy with one of our exceptional therapists allows clients to gain additional insight through active, ongoing feedback and comprehensive treatment plans with specific goals and objectives.

Our therapists are knowledgeable in behavior modification, cognitive restructuring, humanistic, communication training, and hypnotherapy techniques. Treatment plans are customized to meet individual needs, with the goal of helping clients create the life and relationships they want and deserve.

At Wentworth and Associates, clients can expect to thrive, not simply survive. Click here to learn more about our associates.

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